Here's why I give a shit. 

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press.


Yeah. I’m not American. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. If you’d like to understand why I hate trump so much and feel the need to voice my opinion, then read on.


Donald Trump does not believe in the bill of rights. He hasn’t displayed any knowledge or understanding of them either.


The first amendment is especially one which he hates. In fact, he’s said many times that freedom of the press is something he wishes didn’t exist and that Putin has handled the press over in his country “very well”. Um. Putin murders those who publish anything he doesn’t like? As an American citizen, whether you’re of voting age or not, you have the right to oppose trumps views on his distaste for the first amendment. It’s your right and obligation as an American to fight against that and to stand up for your basic rights to voice your opinion.


When it comes to people from other countries having an opinion on Presidents who aren’t theirs: I’m part of a larger global community called the LGBTQI+ community. The war the trump administration has led against the LGBTQI+ community, more specifically led by your attorney general Jeff Sessions, doesn’t just affect American LGBTQI+ citizens. It affects the entire world.


I believe gay. Lesbian, bisexual, transgender and all people on the queer spectrum have the right to be treated equally in not just American society but in every country across the world. I’m gay, I’m part of this community and so when I hear Jeff Sessions rolling back the right of trans kids in schools it affects me.


Don’t forget. In a lot of respects America is the leader of social equality. The gay and lesbian movement started in America. And so when your government attacks an entire minority it affects the rest of the world.


President trump has led a war against women. Not just in the past but he continues to feel threatened when a strong female opposes or challenges him. I’m part of a global community of feminists who are affected by the things he says and does against women’s rights.


Nick, stop watching the fake news media. You sound like a parrot.


I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any of the mainstream news media. I watch independent news media, independent of corporate funding and interests. An unbiased source of news.


There are a huge list of things that he and his administration do that affect not just American citizens but citizens from other countries. It’s not just the obligation of American citizens to oppose his attack on America, but everyone is obligated to stand up for what’s right.


The reason why Americans have trouble understanding why people from other countries should have an opinion on a president who isn’t theirs is because of your American pride, which you should have, there’s nothing wrong with American pride. But other people from other countries also love America. As an Australian I have love and pride for my country but also love for America. It’s where pop culture comes from, it’s where some of my favourite destinations are from, my favourite food. I have lots of friends in America. 80% of my audience is from America.


I respect your right to voice your opinion. I don’t have to agree with it, and you don’t have to agree with mine. When I share news or media relating to trump and my opinions on him, my aim isn’t to convert you to hating trump, it’s simply because I want to express my opinion. As deluded and stupid as our Australian Prime Minister is, he still believes in the freedom of speech.


Can I just lastly point out, when people tell me that I should just stick to baking cupcakes and to stop speaking out against things that don’t concern me: I’m not sure what’s given you the impression that The Scran Line is purely about baking and nothing else. I’m very clear on what The Scran Line is. It’s me using my skills as a graphic designer and pastry chef to create sweet treats. I aim to be original with what I demonstrate. The designs are derived by the things that inspire me. Things like pop culture, music etc. The Scran Line is essentially about me. And part of me is my views and opinions on things. That includes things I feel passionate about and that includes social injustice.


If you have a problem with my exercising my right to free speech and voicing my opinion on my social media accounts, I respect your choice to unfollow me. Do what you think is right for you x



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