I'm Gay

I'm gay.

I'm also a christian, an artist, designer, baker. I love my family and friends. Sometimes I'm sad, mostly I'm happy, I'm eager to learn and grow and better myself. I'm proud. I have good days and bad and yesterday I was incredibly sad, hurt, and angry. The attack that happened was an attack on the LGBT community. A community who I turned to and accepted me openly, at a time when I felt very, very alone.

The LGBT community is just like everyone else. We're made up of lots of different colours. We're christians, muslims, atheists, black people, asians, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered. We're everyone.

The victims of the Orlando shooting were real people with names. They had jobs, they had their own dreams, they had family, they hurt, and they felt happiness and joy. People depended on them and they depended on people.

The hate crime that happened yesterday in Orlando was not because the shooter was Muslim. There are so many Muslim people who are kind and wonderful, contributing members of society. It's as simple as this:

Anyone who preaches hate and then claims to be part of a group is a lier. The man was an extremist and does not represent Muslims.

Christians who spew hate toward the loving, creative and unique members of the LGBT community do not represent me or any other Christians. They're extremists.

I think it's important that we continue to love and support one another. Not just at times like these but always. This is a time when we should show love toward one another and be supportive.

Share love, not hate.

N x

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Nick Makrides is an Australian pastry chef, and host of youtube channel / food project: The Scran Line


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