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remember as a young kid my mum would take me and my sibblings to the park after school sometimes. There were six of us. What would she feed six starving children?

Fish & Chips!

I looooooovvvved them! By brothers and sisters would have a quick bite and continue playing on the play equipment, but I would stay there and finish the chips off like I was in some competition.

Theres only one other person I've heard of who loves hot chips as much as I do and that's one of my favourote Aussie comedians: Hamish Blake. If you listen to the Hamish & Andy show everyday, you'll know of a very funny story in which Hamish had a breakdown over now finishing all of his chips when he was younger.

Anyway, back to my love of food and how it made increadibly overweight. Well at the age of 24 I'd decided I'd had enough. And after having a weight loss surgeon tell me it would be too difficult to lose weight wothout surgery I decided to educate myself.

I educated myself on good nutrition. I began moving more and after 15 months of hard work I had lost 60kg. Because I educated myself. I can't stress that enough. After a life time of being increadibly unhappy, grossly overweight and trying any way I could to lose weight, I did it in the simplest fashion.

Energy in / Energy out.

And in the process I came to realise something very important. There is no one diet choice that will work for everyone.

Some people will find that a Gluten free diet works for them, some people may find they feel better and more energetic following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Others can follow any number of diets and that diet will work for them. And when I use the word 'diet' I mean 'dietary choice'. Theres an important difference between a fad and a lifestyle choice.

Whatever it is that works for you, stick to it. You'll know it's right for you when your head feels clearer, when you feel more energetic and you feel like the best version of you.

For me that's paleo. And so this weeks recipe is a delicious paleo version of a food I once loved, but a healthier version that doesnt leave me feeling heavy or unhealthy. This one is packed full of good nutrients like omega 3 from the almonds used as crumbs, to the healthy source of carbs in the sweet potato fries.

Youve got to try this recipe. Its delicious!

Leave a comment down below of a dietary choice that works for you!

Find the recipe HERE

Nick x

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