Happy 17th Birthday Nanda

It's My brothers Birthday today. He's Turning 17. He and I are very similar in many ways but also very different. For one he's much cleverer than I am. Much more acedemic. But I like to take credit for his taste in movies. Because he will basicaly like anything I like. Although we do sometimes butt heads over some films. I suspect he does that on purpous to piss me off.

Being the youngest of six, he's missed the hand me down stage and had all his older sibblings spoil him with whatever he needs. He's not a greedy person. As a little boy he would much rather play with the box than with the toy itself. He finds pleasure in reading or playing the same video game for years.

So what do you get a young man who has everything he could want? You bake him a cake.

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Nick Makrides is an Australian pastry chef, and host of youtube channel / food project: The Scran Line


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