Ok guys, so here it is...

Its back! And this year

it’s even bigger!


To help celebrate the launch of my bookSUGAR REBELS I want you guys to get your drawing tools out and come up with your most amazing cupcake design ever and it could become an episode of The Scran Line! I’ll be picking the best design based on creativity and overall fabulousness to turn into a Scran Line video which will appear on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! There are loads of other prizes too!



1.  Click on the Link

2. Select File > Print

Here’s what you have the chance to win!



• Winning Cupcake will be created into an episode of The Scran Line.

• Skype call with me to discuss your amazing design and ask any questions       you like about baking or the work I do!

• A shout out on my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel!

• Signed Copy of my book!

• Baking starter pack including an ice cream scoop, baking tin, cupcake              liners, sprinkles, piping bags and piping tips.


2nd PRIZE:

• Baking starter pack including an ice cream scoop, baking tin, cupcake              liners, sprinkles, piping bags and piping tips.

• Signed Copy of my book!


3rd Prize:

• Three 3rd prize winners will get a signed copy of my book!


Here’s how to enter!


Basically, you're going to dream up your own original cupcake based on the things that you love. It can be based on a flavour, a colour, a song, your favourite tv show, anything! If you want inspiration: take a look at my Instagram Page!


Here's some tips when designing your cupcake:

• Make it over the top! The sky's the limit! Let’s not aim for impossible to            make but let’s make something super duper awesome!

• Give it a theme. Unicorns, fave candy bar, fave colour! Make it yours!

• Think about the kind of flavours it has, the flavour of the frosting, the cake,     colours, the filling in the middle etc 

• Make sure you jot all of that down on your entry page. Make it as detailed      as you can!


Email your design to designyourowncupcake@gmail.com


Let’s get started!


You'll need to print out the cupcake design page (below). All the instructions are on the print out. Guys! you don't have to be an amazing drawer! It's about your idea! Be as descriptive as you can be and tell me all about your marvellous design. You can even colour it in if you like if you want it to be eye catching! When you're done, take a photo of it (make sure there's plenty of light when you're taking your pic!) and send it to:




Entries close Monday 14th April!

Winners will be announced on April 17th.


Good Luck! 

Nick :0) x


Special thanks to FANCY SPRINKLES for their wonderful sprinkle donation for this comp!



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