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Hey there! I'm Nick. 👦 I'm a Graphic designer 💻, youtuber 📺 and pastry chef 🍰, amongst other things! I'm very passionate about food, design and fitness. I host and produce a youtube channel called The Scran Line⬆️. The Scran Line is a perfect example of all of my passions and skills combined. ❤️‍ After a break and a trip to the US, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to be part of a team.



I've had the privilege to work at some great places, but here’s two that I'm most proud of. I do have more experience as a graphic designer in a studio environment. If you would like to discuss these further please feel free to phone me.


White Rhino.

February - October 2008


White Rhino are a unique creative design studio located in Richmond. They offer a broad range of creative services including branding, corporate design as well as web design. Working at White Rhino was a huge learning curve for me. I had the opportunity to learn how a design studio functions, the role each person has to play in a team environment as well as the role the studio plays in the design industry and how they go about offering their creative services to clients.


During that time I worked on a range of exciting projects for clients such as Hesta and E.L. & C. Baillieu Stockbroking who mainly required a lot of corporate work such as annual reports and corporate brochures and employers reports. Another client I had the privilege of working with was Alpha Autism who raise money and awareness for those with Autism. I worked on creating the brand behind their very successful ‘Drawtism’ campaign, which included coming up with a concept that was implemented across a whole range of collateral including brochures, posters and a new website. The campaign was a huge success in helping to raise funds and awareness of Autism and was launched globally the following year.


Cupcake Central

2012 - 2014


I'm very proud of the work I did at CC. It's a funny story how I got my job there. I sent in a resume a couple times. And basically my resume had very little on it in terms of experience in the food industry other than my studies. So I created a series of posters that I sent in to CC. I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else. I’d just come back from a trip to Paris in complete awe of the way they crafted their pastries. I really wanted this job, because these guys are 'cupcake designers', and I really loved that. Their branding is fantastic and I really connected with the culture they had at the time.


I sent in my posters about 3 times before a lady named Maggie actually called me and got me in for an interview. So on my first day I got in at 4 am, and the place is littered with pink cupcakes. It was Valentines Day. The single busiest day for CC. Maggie didn't think I'd come back, because we were absolutely slammed with orders. But she ended up being my mentor for the two years I was there. She trained me up to the point where I was able to manage my own kitchen. I was in charge of five staff, ordering stock, ensuring health and safety standards were up to scratch and making sure production ran smoothly and to a high standard. I'm incredibly proud of the work I did there. I learned a lot about not just the industry, but how to manage a team, and deal with clients and suppliers. I also ran classes teaching people how to make cupcakes and decorate them.



Swinburne University of Technology

Successfully completed one year of Visual Arts Diploma in 2004


Victoria University

Diploma of Graphic Arts – 2yrs

Successfully completed course, 2005–2006


Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design – 1yr

Successfully completed course in 2007


Kangan Batman Tafe

Successfully completed one year of Certificate III in fitness in 2009


William Angliss

Successfully completed Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery in 2011



• 2 years experience in managing a team. Assisting my team members with any concerns they may   have and encouraging collaboration and efficiency in a fun team work environment

• Excellent knowledge of Adobe creative software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

• Experience liasing with customers (from my job as a graphic designer, pastry chef and customer service ascosiate for 5 years at Big W)

• Experience in a graphic design role within a design agency, corporate or similar environment

• Able to provide creative and digital concepts that answer the required brief and reduces average rounds of feedback in approval process to increase efficiency

• Able to take a given concept and resize and reformat for multiple mediums efficiently

• Keen eye for detail

• Ability to prioritise tasks and work to deadlines

• Able to work autonomously and as part of a team

• Flexible, organised and dependable

• Manage image and logo library to effectively allow external teams to source files efficiently

• Able to adapt to file storage systems to ensure files are kept in an organised manner



Please contact me, and I will be happy to provide references.


Nicholas Paterakis

2010 - present

2010 - present



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