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Remember in 2009 when that film Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams came out and everyone on planet earth started a food blog on blogger? I was one of those people! Lol


The Scran Line began in 2009 and started off as a blog site where I documented my adventures at culinary school. Fast forward to today and it’s become a highly engaging brand that has over 1.6M followers across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.


Each week, I serve my audience delicious dessert content with visually engaging photography and videos, teaching them how to create desserts based on the things that inspire me and encourage them to do the same in their kitchen!

I live in Melbourne Australia where I film videos in my home kitchen and studio.


All the photography, videos, website and editing is done by me and I love it! It’s my dream job. I know that because I love doing it and this love truly shows! How else would I have an audience that’s excited to see what I create each week? In fact, I’m a self taught baker like most of my audience!


That makes me approachable compared to a lot of other influencers who feel disconnected from their audience; being genuine is key and it’s really important to me that my audience knows that. That’s what makes them trust that my content is worth coming back to!

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About my audience


One of the things I’m really proud of is how highly engaged, interested and invested my audience is. They love being in the kitchen as much as I do and that’s how we connect.


They’re hungry for great content that stands out in their feed, and each week I get to show them what I’ve been up to. The level of excitement and genuine interest is just incredible. Whether it’s thousands of comments, tens of thousands of likes or views, the content speaks for itself.


What are the types of things they love seeing in their feed?

  • Photo and videos of cakes, cupcakes, macarons , no-bake desserts;

  • Crafts;

  • Lifestyle posts and updates;

  • Exciting projects like my cook book: "Sugar Rebels";

  • Things happening in my personal life with my partner Anthony or puppy Oscar.

Brands I've worked with


If you haven’t realised by now, she’s cheeky. This cheeky quality is what makes The Scran Line a brand that’s personal and personality based. That’s what brands love about me.

See, it’s all about having fun, and let’s face it, if you’re thinking of working with a social media influencer, it should be fun right? Below are some brands that I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really fun projects with. Want to learn more? Just ask!

I'm all over the internet!

Featured on


My most highly engaged and entertained audience

Food is huge on Instagram, right? Everyone seems to be just doing the same thing and following trends! Not me, and definitely not my audience.


On Instagram we rebel against doing what everyone else is doing! That’s why my audience is named ‘Sugar Rebels’. I love to engage my audience with visually stunning photographs and ask them to participate in giving my desserts a creative name. Sometimes I’ll ask them something silly or personally relate to them by asking how their day is. I want to get as much from my audience, primarily by having a conversation with them. The community loves it, and the numbers below show this!


  • 2.8M weekly impressions

  • 55k weekly engagements

  • 1.7M accounts reached each week

  • 91% of my total audience is female

  • 18-34 Age Range

  • 32% of my total audience is based in the US, closely followed by UK and Australia.

  • 60k Instagram stories views on average

  • My Instagram engagement rate is currently at 18% which exceeds far beyond the industry standard of 3%


A more personalised experience

YouTube is where it all began for me. My audience is made up of over +484k loyal followers who join me each week, as I present them long-form videos of all of my desserts.


I'm able to interact with them each week in a much more personalised way that I can’t do on other platforms. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with YouTube on some exciting and creative projects and remain a part of their partner programme to help me make the most of my audience.

Here's what makes my YouTube audience so special:


  • +484,000 Subscribers


  • 81% of my audience is female

  • 41.2% of my total audience is based in the US, closely followed by UK and Canada.

  • 18-34 Age Range


Viral content lives here

My audience just loves sharing my videos. So much so that multiple of my videos have reached over 50+ million views each with tens of thousands of comments, hundreds of thousands of likes and even more shares! This is an audience I can interact with in a more direct way.



  • +3M post reach each week

  • 2.6M post reach each week

  • +1.3 video views each week

  • +150k post engagements each week

Here's how we can work together.


It’s starts with an idea…

I work with brands in a really simple way. It begins with an idea.


A brand might have that idea, or they may come to me asking me to work my magic so that their brand is able to be integrated into my social media feed in a way that will reach my audience in an authentic and effective way.


I get to work!

From there I present 1-3 concepts depending on our conversation and what you’re after.


I usually present those in the form of a sketch. Most of the time a brand will instantly see the thing they like and it’s as simple as saying: “MAKE THAT ONE, IT LOOKS GREAT!” Okay, they don’t yell it, but that’s how excited they get.


What you can expect from me is consistency. Work that is consistent with what you already see on my social channels. Once we land on the recipe or content you want me to make, I film it! From there I present a first draft and can make small editing changes if you need.  I have to say though, changes are a rare occurrence. You guys (brands) are usually very good at knowing what you want from the get-go and I’m good at making sure I tick off the boxes on your end to make sure that I come up with something that you love!


Okay, so here’s what’s on offer:



This is what I typically deliver with each recipe video. Now because my audience is split across three different platforms, I don’t create special content for just one platform and not post it on the other two platforms because that’s an easy way to disconnect from 2/3 of my audience!


Portrait:  (1920x1080);

Landscape:  (1080x1920);

Square: (1080x1080);




• Full video;

• Landscape 1080x1920p;

• Text instructions on screen;

• Generally used for publishing on a website.


• Portrait 1920x1080p;

• Text instructions on screen.

Instagram Feed:

• 1080x1080p;

• Up to 60 seconds.

Instagram Stories:

• Up to x3, 15 second Instagram stories posts in portrait 1920x1080.



• Full video;

• Portrait 1920x1080p;

• Text instructions on screen;

• Recipe cards at the end that swipe across the screen giving the viewer time to screenshot the recipe.



• Full video;

• Landscape 1080x1920p;

• Text instructions on screen;

A full video with an intro, including me talking about your brand, voice over instructions of me using your product or service and a mention in the outro.


Written Recipe

A full written recipe that can be shared on your website or can be published on my website with a link provided for your use.

How much will your project cost?


Yes, I know it's all about cost. However, each project is unique. The best way to figure out how much working together will cost is to learn a little more about what you're after. And you can begin by emailing me here:




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I Have A Recipe Suggestion!


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Hey there! My name is Nick Makrides! I'm guessing you love baking as much as I do which is how you stumbled upon my website!


This is the best spot on the internet to learn how to make the most amazing desserts that don't just look impressive, they also taste delicious and are easy to make!

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